GAYA is a research institute that is established in Ankara in August 2004. The main objective of GAYA is to increase human welfare and contribute to the sustainable development at national and international level by coming up with solutions to the economic, social and environmental problems. In the scope of this objective, GAYA determines the economic, social and environmental problems and tries to analyze and understand the reasons of these problems. With its wide range of experts and academicians, GAYA tries to draw attention to the national and international problems by keeping abreast of current events. Pointing out the problems and analyzing their reasons, GAYA, subsequently develops and implements projects to bring solutions to these problems. Thereby GAYA, tries to reach its ultimate goal of increasing human welfare and sustainable development in Turkey and all around the world.

Since its establishment, GAYA has realized many projects, research and training activities with national and international partners, who share the same principles with GAYA in respect to human welfare and development. The projects that are implemented with national and international consortia provided GAYA with the capacity of preparing and implementing projects and an international network of partners.

As founded as a “Non Profit Organisation” (NGO), GAYA does not distribute its accumulations as profit to its founders/partners. On the contrary, GAYA uses its acquisitions which derives from its activities and studies, for supporting the studies, projects and entrepreneurs in accordance with its establishment principles and philosophy. GAYA proves its commitment of “not to distribute its profit to the partners” which is the first decision of the Board of Management, with the verifications and reports of a chartered accountant every year since its inception.

GAYA believes to use the “profit” which gained from economical and social researches, projects and studies for re-cycling the knowledge and work for the society which it lives in and for the world instead of putting the profit in its “case” a cash and GAYA believes that this profit forms the necessary financial and humanitarian capital for implementation of these aims. On this account, GAYA focused on the advantage of multiplying effect of the surplus, “profit” and “income” by sharing, instead of keeping it.

Where does the name of "GAYA" derive from?

GAYA, with such a structure, implements projects, researches and actions by being partners with the intitutions, bodies and entites in Turkey, in the region and in the world, which shares the same principles with GAYA regarding the prosperity and improvement of humanity, and development in almost all fields.

GAYA means "spirit of the earth" or "mother earth". GAYA (GAIA as its originial wording) derives from mythology. According to Hesiodos, Gaia is "mother earth" which is the creator of every thing and every thing come in to existance from this; she is the mother of all Gods and Titans. Gaia which appeared after Khaos, gave birth to the sphere (sky) Uranos then Pontos. After this, she gave birth to the Titans from Uranos. But Uranos buried his children in Gaia's breast at once they came in to the world. But Gaia could not be able to carry such a burden and she killed Uranos to remit Titans at liberty, with the help of her son who is also son of Uranos. And then, Kronos shared the same destiny as he was also killed by his own son Zeus.

GAIA is also a hypothesis which was developed in 1960's by James Lovelock who was working for NASA and by the help of Lynn Margulis. In the book "Gaia: a new look at life on earth" , which was written by Lovelock, he for the first time, told about his hypothesis and claimed that world is an alive organism in real. The life on earth was called Gaia and according to this, the lands constitutes the bones of GAIA, the oceans, seas and rivers are the circulation system, and the athmosphere is its respiration system and the living things which are living on earth constitutes its nervous system.

GAIA which grow out of Mythology was become philosophy by Lovelock and this philosophy became a source of inspiration for a lot of intellectuals, writers and activists. Isaac Asimov, delineated GAIA as a planet in which all of the things and living things shares common senses and in there, every body told him/herself as "I, we, gaia" .