2006-2007 Total Quality in Tourism-Van

2006-2007 Total Quality in Tourism-Van


Project Name: Total Quality in Tourism-Van

Project Owner: Special Provincial Administration of Van


Project Starting Date: October 2006


Project Finishing Date: September 2007


Project Duration: 12 months


Project Objective: The objectives of the project are providing sustainable tourism development and decreasing regional discrepancies in tourism sector in Van, increasing the quality of services in tourism, raising awareness about tourism among community. In the scope of the project, hotel employees, accountant assistants, hotel servants, service servants, cooks, restaurant employees, travel agency employees and tourist guides are trained in their field of specilization. In addition to this vocational trainings, taxi and minibus drivers, policemen, soldiers, tradesmen and relevant NGO and public officials are trained in the subjects of communication, quality in tourism and English as a foreign language.


Role of GAYA: In the scope of the project, GAYA has arranged trainings, trainers, training places and materials; organized the necessary conferences, seminars and meetings. GAYA has also designed, printed and disributed the written and visual material such as the project booklet and press bulletin.