From Prejudices To Cultural Dialogue

From Prejudices To Cultural Dialogue


Project Name

From Prejudices To Cultural Dialogue


European Union


12 Months

Start Date


Finsih Date



Turkey and Germany

Parties Concerned

1) Multikulturelles Forum e.V. (Germany)

2) Association of Intercultural Dialogue and Transfer (Turkey-European Cultural Centre)( Turkey)



The subject of the project is establishing an information bridge between Turkey and Germany in order to provide direct information flow. By this way, these two cultures will get to know and understand each other and create a state of consensus by eliminating the prejudices. 

Project Summary

•From both of the countries, two sample groups composed of 30 people will be assigned for interviews. In the interviews, they will be asked questions about image, perception, perspective and mutual recognition, which are prepared by the experts.

•These interviews will be broadcasted in the TV programs that will be prepared. The questions will be grouped according to their subjects and the se will be the episodes of the program. The experts about the different subjects will join the program.   

Overall objective(s):

•To establish a social information bridge for providing an information flow directly between the citizens of Turkey and the EU. 

 •To provide information about Turkey to the citizens of the EU in order to prevent prejudices, to change mindsets and to improve attitudes towards Turkey

Specific objective(s):

•To provide the transfer of information by informal ways (conducting interviews and broadcasting them) so that the people of Turkey and EU member states can obtain a clear knowledge on the ideas of the citizens of these countries.

•To rectify, change and improve the visions and ideas of the people of Turkey and Germany about each other with regard to the local features, life styles, understandings, beliefs and social structures.

 •To prepare a website within the context of the project in order to spread the project objectives and also to recover and evaluate the achievements of the project

•To provide a rapid accordance between the cultures of Turkey and the EU member states.


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