Edremit Church Restoration Project

Edremit Church Restoration Project


Project Name

Edremit Church Restoration Project


European Union MEDA Funds


12 Months

Start Date

October 1, 2006

Finsih Date

September 30, 2007



Parties Concerned

Turkish Service and Education Foundation (Türk Hizmet ve Eğitim Vakfı)

Van Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism (İl Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü)

Foundation of Protection of Historical Heritage (Tarihi Mirası Koruma Vakfı)

Van Association for Protection and Improvement of Tourism and Cultural Wealth (Van Turizmi ve Kültür Varlıklarını Koruma ve Geliştirme Derneği)

Van Special Provincial Administration (Van İl Özel İdaresi)


Edremit Administrative District

Edremit Municipality


With this project, Edremit Church, as being part of universal heritage of the humanity, is aimed to be preserved for the new generations in order to save its cultural and historical existence within the cultural roadmaps of the next generations in the best and the most appropriate way. In this way, the current tourism potential of the region will possibly be developed and the total tourism incomes will increse in the long run. The Restoration of Edremit Church will be implemented in accordance with the Act no. 2863 of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Act of the Preservation of the Cultural and Natural Beings).

Project Summary

After the restoration activity is completed, an introduction and presentation activity to reveal the final look and appearance of both the Church and its surroundings will be accomplished. The pre and after restoration scenes and situations of the Church and its surroundings will be demonstrated via visual materials. A meeting will be organized and media professionals will be invited to this meeting. Communication with the local media will be provided by the Culture and Tourism Office of the Province and Preservation and Protection of Van Tourism and Culture Beings Foundation. The District of Edremit and the Municipality of Edremit will also inform the local people and encourage them to participate into the mentioned introduction and advertising activities. Turkish Service and Education Foundation will be responsible from establishing the communication with the whole national media. In this way, both other work and values’ restoration in the region will be encouraged and at the same time change of the Church and its surroundings into a culture complex will be presented as an advised step in the region.