Hakkari Honey Production Center

Hakkari Honey Production Center


Name of the Project

Hakkari Honey Production Center

Source of Fund



12 months

Date of Starting

September 2006

Date Of Completion

August 2007



Parties Concerned


Hakkari Chamber of Commerce

Provincial Directorate of Health

Chamber of Agriculture

Chamber of Agriculture Engineers Hakkâri Province Representative Office

Project Subject

To establish and start the action of a HONEY PRODUCTİON CENTRE under the institutional structure of Hakkâri Chamber of Commerce and Trade

Project Summary

The aim of the project is to establish a honey packaging center, addition of “added value” to the honey and increasing the income of the farmers targeted in Hakkâri province. A new brand will be created for the regional honey and marketing of the products under this new brand will be provided. Hence an incubation center will be established clustering the apiarists in the region under an umbrella. 

Overall Objectives

Development of food processing activities in the provinces

Development of marketing activities in the provinces

To keep a quality standard of honey produced in Hakkari

Formation of a brand for the honey

Development of exporting

Improvements of traditional production techniques in beekeeping in order to provide increase the productivity and quality of honey.

To increase the employment rate in the city

To set an example of investment in the region, at local and national level.

Specific objectives

To add value to the products produced by farmers in the region

To contribute to increase in farmer’s income

To establish a centre in Hakkâri in order to honey process and packaging

To create a brand for the honey so that it will be placed in the market with a brand name

To contribute to improvement of hygiene and quality level of honey

To contribute to increase in productivity level of honey.

 To provide theoretical and practical trainings for beekeeper, hence they will be able to increase productivity and quality level of their products.

To place the product in local, national and international markets after honey is packaged in the centre

To improve to skills of unemployed and unqualified people in the region, marketing trainings will be given.