Integration of Women to the Social and Economic Life-1

Integration of Women to the Social and Economic Life-1

Name of the Project

Entegration of Women to the Social and Economic Life

Source of Fund



12 months

Date of Starting

July 2006

Date Of Completion

June 2007


Elazığ and Malatya

Parties Concerned


Project Subject

The project has the purpose to increase the rate of integration of women to social and economic life by creating awareness and consciousness on women and increase the participation of women in social and economic life.  Elazığ and Malatya provinces were chosen as the project coverage area to have a pilot implementation.

Project Summary

The project includes the delivery of different training programs which are fundamental in the way of good citizenship. To raise awareness, targeted women will be trained on following topics; basic education program which contains literacy education by “concentrated language encounter” method, communication skills ability, basic health, good citizenship, preparation to economic life during 12 months, which aims the empowerment of women in their society. All these activities will increase the education level and the communication ability of women in their community and support them for participating social and economic life in addition to enabling them to use their rights as a citizen. In the selected cities, 50 women per city would be trained on literacy education, basic health, communication skills, good citizenship and readiness to economic life during 12 months.


Project Objectives;

- Integrating woman who are in disadvantaged group to social and economic life.

- Transforming illiterate women, who live indoor boundary, to literate citizens.

- To enable women to gain communication skills for expressing themselves in their community.

- Creating awareness on woman about their social, legal and political rights.

- To enable women to gain solving problem ability by training them with “problem solving techniques”.

- To enable women to gain leadership skills for transforming them to social actors in society.

- Improvement of sanitary conditions of women by training them with “basic health, mother-child health, hygienic, childbirth health training program” and directly health condition of children by training their mothers.

- To establish a democratic society; equip women with necessary skills in order to transfer of social rights, gender equality, importance of education and communications to their children in an appropriate way.